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CNYMS Welcomes Sponsor Participation to their Motorsports Expo Booth

The Central New York Mini Sprint Series sponsored by A-Verdi Storage Containers, and their associates Broderick Motorsports, G H Timber Harvesting, Dennis Fink Auto Transport, Mike Emhof Motorsports, Haskell Motorsports, Ultimate Wings, Hoosier Tires & Henchcraft Race Products welcomes back Suzuki of America along with Jack & Jan Stone of Stones Snow Sled & Suzuki along with Regional Representative Tim Sebring.

Within the confines of the CNYMS and ASCS Patriots booths will be a brand new top of the line Suzuki 4X4 King Quad 700. All CNYMS competitors, fans, & Motorsports Expo participants are encouraged to stop by and take an up close look along with getting some great Suzuki information about their product line. This is Suzuki’s 2nd year as a marketing partner with CNYMS as well as a 1st time association with the ASCS Patriots for the series.

In a joint announcement, Hoosier Racing Tires through their Hoosier Tire Canada and Bicknell Racing Products along with CNYMS Management signed into contract the first ever tire program for the A-Verdi / CNYMS tour. “This association will be HUGE for the CNYMS drivers & owners” noted series owner Mike Emhof. The only tire to be used for the RR will be the Hoosier 82” SP2. The other 3 corners are optional for size and compound. This program will go into effect on June 1st, 2007 allowing teams to use up their existing stock of tires.

As part of this deal, $1000.00 cash will be added into the 2007 A-Verdi / CNYMS year end awards guaranteeing the champion a Hoosier Champions Jacket as well as $1250.00 before bonus money. In total CNYMS management will also now guarantee a minimum of $10,000 cash at the year end awards banquet to the teams running the tour in 2007.

You will be able to pick up 2007 Schedules or membership applications throughout the weekend for all in attendance. Series owner Mike Emhof will be available all weekend to answer any questions you may have about the Central New York Mini Sprints.

To stay current on all CNYMS news, by logging on to , or for information about the Motorsports Expo go to .

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