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Lightning Sprint Vs. Sidewinder Challenge

Myers takes the high road to victory at Grandview in the Sidewinder / Lightning Sprint Challenge.

The stage was set for the showdown. The weather was perfect, the track was prepared to perfection, the crowds were filling the stands and before long the first ever Sidewinder Sprints v’s Empire Lightning Sprints would be underway.

Pill draws established the starting order for the heats with the Sidewinders and Empire Sprints lined up evenly across the rows. Sidewinders on the inside and the Empire sprints on the outside in heat one and three, with the rows swapped for heat 2.

Heat 3 saw Nathan Hauck climb a right rear entering turn one as the caution lights were displayed for Chad Myers jumping the start. Nathan needed to swap his race suit for a space suit as he sailed the Henchcraft Mini Sprint skyward obtaining an altitude higher than the turn one fence. Nathan emerged from the wreck and the team began to struggle to repair the car in time for the feature.

The Sidewinder Sprints dominated the heat races winning all 3 heats in the 2009 rules spec Sidewinders (10” wheels and 12 Sq Ft Wing cars). The pill draw had the following options, 0,3,6,9,12. (Three heats, multiples of three being the fairest way)

Mark Strickler by virtue of winning the first heat pulled for the invert. Pill number 12 came out. The feature line up was set. The top 4 in the 3 heats were inverted by their finishing order.

Rich Halter got a great start and managed to lead the first 9 laps. At that time Chad Myers used the momentum of the high side to pass Halter and take over the lead. Another driver to find the speed on the high side was Mike Kiser in the #99 Mini Sprint. Kiser continued to work the high line and pass cars and moved into 2nd on 14. At that time all he could do was slowly real in Myers. Myers was able to hold on and take the win in the first ever Sidewinder/Empire Lightning Sprints challenge race. The race was stopped on lap 8 for a nasty fence riding flip by Patrick Roller. Roller was sore but otherwise unharmed in the bone jarring accident.

Victory lane saw Chad perform a wing dance in front of the large crowd. Chad commented “ It’s great to get this Aero Wings sponsored car to victory lane. If anyone out there is thinking about joining this exciting racing, I have this car for sale for only $7500. Many thanks must go to Grandview for having us. The track is a blast to race on. Multiple racing grooves, great officials and a great crowd. Thanks must also go to the Empire Lightning Sprint teams for making the long tow down to challenge us.”

The finish order shows the great diversity that the new 2010 rules package brings;
2009 Sidewinder, Mini Sprint, 2010 Sidewinder, 2010 Sidewinder, Mini Sprint, 2009 Sidewinder, 2010 Sidewinder, 2009 Sidewinder, 2009 Sidewinder, 2009 Sidewinder.
From that the total passing points summary for the top ten;
2009 Sidewinder 3,4,4,-3,13 = 21 Average 4.2
2010 Sidewinder option (13” wheels) 0,1,-5 = -4 Average -.1.3
Mini Sprint 6,1, = 7 Average 3.5

Many thanks to the Empire Lightning Sprints teams that made the tow for the challenge race. The success of this race and the competitiveness of all of the different 2010 packages once again showed that the Sidewinder Sprints have created a rules package that creates the most exciting, cost effective competitive sprint car racing available.

Sidewinder v’s Lightning Sprints Challenge Feature (20 Laps); Finish, Car #, Name, (Started) ; 1st 32 – Chad Myers (4); 2nd 99 – Mike Kiser (8); 3rd 04 - Rich Halter (3); 4th 5 – Mike Pychinka (5); 5th 30 - Scott Goodrich (6); 6th 11 – Jesse Snyder (10); 7th 1K – Alex Schanz (2); 8th 38 – Mark Strickler (12); 9th 1 – Brendan Bright (22); 10th 14 – Rohan Beasley (7); 11th 3 – Jim Campbell Jr. (15); 12th 22X - Christian Wright (20); 13th 21 –Jason Eisenhart (18); 14th 16 – Craig Myers (9); 15th 15X – JD Cassaza (16); 16th 10C – Mike Cokely (17); 17th 1HRP – Nathan Hauck (24); 18th 31 – Todd Lapp (1); 19th 22 – Patrick Roller (23); 20th 19M – Arron Spahr (11); 21st 69W – DJ Wykes (14); 22nd 20 – Brian Pomponio (13); 23rd 15 – Jim Young (19); 24th 4D – Keith Ford (21); Heats to; Strickler, Spahr & Snyder

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