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ELS Celebrates their 1st Annual Awards Banquet

On Saturday, November 7th at the Holiday Inn Event Center in Oneonta, NY the First Annual ELS Series Banquet capped off a great season. The top drivers and owners were awarded hardware and prize money along with a number of special awards.

ELS owner, Mike Kiser, began the ceremony by thanking a few people that stepped up and really helped out this year. Rick Russell - for maintaining the website, ELS officials through out the year - Gary Reyer Jr., Greg Hoffman, Tim Durland and Art Kiser. Tammy Sehn calculated all the points and updated them. Tiffany Crandall did all the paperwork, pill draw, and lineups at all the races. Without these people, I could not have taken the task of running the series.

The ELS season was very competitive with six different winners. The 92M of Doug Norrie came away the Driver / Owner Champion. The 2005 Empire Super Sprint Rookie of the Year came back to race lightning sprints and with 3 heat race wins, 5 top 5's and 1 feature win at what would be considered his home track on the series, Whip City Speedway. Doug took home a check for $800.00, a contingency award from Mad-dog Motorsports and a 2009 Champion jacket provided by Henchcraft Racing Products. Doug, with his Henchcraft chassis, sponsored by K&S Powersports, New Boston Crane Service and Sleds, and Spectro Oil had some awards of his own to give out. He first awarded crew member, Kyle Crabb, with an appreciation award all his help over the season. He also recognized Bill and Hattie White of New Boston Crane Service and Sleds for their sponsorship and support. Doug then took some time to “roast” a few drivers and owners. The first driver was Mike Kiser which he awarded an early registration form, good for 15 bonus points and a small bag of lead. Up next was car owner, John Phillips, who received a custom bottle of Chassis headache medicine and a chassis o-ring repair kit. Doug saved the best for last. He asked Don Harvey Jr to come up and made sure he didn’t have his truck keys on him, so he wouldn’t leave early. Doug said he search the internet and found the secret setup tool which lead the #44, Don Harvey, to12 wins in 14 races. Doug pulled out, from his bag, a pair of knee pads with the HRP logo on them. Don accepted them and Doug congratulated Harvey on a great year himself.

The Runner up went to the Phillips family. Justin, driver of the #16, claimed the driver award and his father John, took home the owner award. The team used their Foz chassis sponsored by Dayhill Automotive, K&S Powersports and Pat and Jon Normand to 1 heat race win and 3 top 5 finishes. The father & son team may not have cracked the win column but came really close at the Great Race Place, Albany Saratoga Speedway. For their efforts, they received a check for $650.00 and a filter kit from Mad-dog Motorsports.

The 2nd runner up in driver / owner points was ELS owner / promoter, #99 Michael Kiser and Tiffany Crandall. The team put together a strong year with the help from Cooperstown Napa, JR Tree Service, Ron Davis Custom Radiators and MTK Graphics. Mike had 2 heat race wins, 6 top 5 finishes and 1 feature win at Devil’s Bowl. He earned $500.00 for his 3rd place finish.

Matt Norrie, also a former ESS regular, and driver of the #14M finished the year in 4th and Joe Szczapa, #27 rounded out the top 5. Joe Szczapa also earned the Rookie of the Year honors, as this was his first year racing anything.

Sixth through tenth in drivers points was #410 Jerry Sehn, #18 Jon Moore, #L13 Fred Hoffman, #11 Jamie Kiser and #26 Shaun Gosselin.
Forth through tenth in owners points this year were Clayton Macartney, Tammy Sehn, Clayton Macartney, Steve Gosselin, Ken Latour, Teresa Sloan and Christian Wright.

ELS would like to say goodbye to Ken Latour and his #36 team and thank him for his support this year and years past. Ken has retired to South Carolina. Ken has raced on a tour series for several years and this year he picked up his first win, the big $1000.00 to win, ELS Nationals at Albany Saratoga Speedway in May and backed it with another win the following week with driver Ralph Utter. ELS wishes him all the best as he will be missed.

ELS also took the time to thank key people that helped make the 1st ELS season a success. The first appreciation award went to Rick Hench of Henchcraft Racing Products for sponsorship and contribution to help start the club. CW Craft came on board as the series announcer and helped promote the Lightning Sprints all year. Toby LaGrange, of LaGrange Motorsports Media and Photography received the 3rd appreciation award because he wrote our articles and took great photos for the website. Last, but not least, Bruce Richards, owner of Albany Saratoga and Devil’s Bowl Speedways. Without him, and his staff, the ELS series would not have taken place.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, owner, Mike Kiser, took time to thank all the drivers, owners, members for their support and patients throughout the year. He mentioned the rule changes for 2010 and the challenges races that will take place with the sidewinder sprints of PA run by Rowen Beasley. Next year looks to be a bigger and better one.

Mike opened the floor to anyone to say a few words. John Phillips stepped up to have the last word and not let ELS 2009 champion Doug Norrie escape unscathed. John presented Doug with poster collage of his last sprint car race at Lebanon Valley Speedway with the World of Outlaws, which made it possible for him to win the ELS 2009 championship. The collage was several span shots of Doug’s car hitting the two wall until it came to rest.

ELS would like to thank Larry Fasse of SpeedParts LLC for donating three $50 gift certificates for Rookie of the year, Rookie of the year runner up and the hard luck award. Tammy and Jerry Sehn of Maddog Motorsports for there donation of filter kits to top three in points and rookie of the year and rookie of the year runner up.

2009 Driver/ Owner top ten Points (money awarded)
Driver Owner
1. Doug Norrie $400 Doug Norrie $400
2. Justin Phillips $325 John Phillips $325
3. Mike Kiser $250 Tiffany Crandall $250
4. Matt Norrie $175 Clayton Macartney $175
5. Joe Szczapa $150 Tammy Sehn $150
6. Jerry Sehn $125 Clayton Macartney $125
7. Jon Moore $112.50 Steve Gosselin $112.50
8. Fred Hoffman $100 Ken Latour $100
9. James Kiser $75 Teresa Sloan $75
10. Shaun Gosselin $50 Christian Wright $50

*Rookie of the Year Joe Szczapa
*Rookie of the Year Runner up Christian Wright
*Best Appearing Car Doug Norrie
*Hard Luck Award Shaun Gosselin
*Motor Builder of the Year Rich Wood Jr. Of K&S Powersports

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